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how do i find information about a vehicle im wanting to buy

VIN numbers

A VIN (vehicle identification number) plate gives a vehicle's complete history, such as engine size, the country where the vehicle was made and the plant the vehicle was made at. It also includes the make and model of the vehicle and features. Decoding a VIN plate or number can be quite difficult sometimes, especially when the vehicle is a classic or antique. With all the information from the VIN decoded, you can narrow down the engine's contents or internal parts and how they were made, what they were made of, by using the best information available that has been documented by the manufacturer of the vehicle in a specific make and model and in a specific year. If you want to know the information about a vehicle, check the VIN plate for all the information you need.

How do you decode such information? Call your local new auto dealer and ask for the information. You can also check online and there are books you can buy for decoding a VIN number. Be wary of an online car information company, databases are easily manipulated or outdated.

hi, my nane is mark, I was wondering if you could help me. Well, how do you remove vent visor?

Vent Visor Removal

Double sided tape is what holds the Vent Visor onto the vehicle. Normally this is very easy to remove. Removing the Vent Visor in the heat helps, or adding heat will help. You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer, but make sure you keep either one about 8 inches to 12 inches away from the Vent Visor. When you're ready to remove the Vent Visor, pull it slowly away from the paint and/or molding. There might be some of the double sided tape left. To remove it, simply rug it with your finger, (not fingernail) or you can also use a solvent, such as alcohol, diluted paint thinner or mineral spirits. Do not rub hard or vigorously. Rubbing the effected area gently will remove what tape is left. If the Vent Visor is inside the window track, just pull the Vent Visor out of the track, the double sided tape will come with it and will not hold to the inside of the track. Anytime you use a solvent based cleaner on paint or a rubber surface, always clean with soap and water afterwards and apply a coat of wax to the painted area effected. For the rubber molding, simply wipe the effected area with a very small amount of Armor All or some type of dressing, this will keep it from drying out.

What is a core charge?

Core Charge

One thing that you will learn when working on your own car, or buying car parts is about the "core charge". Basically, when you buy certain car parts like brake rotors, alternators, brake calipers, distributors and even engines they have a "core" - in reality all of these parts are made of many valuable components and even though some aspect has failed, this doesn't mean the whole part is junk. The core charge is basically like a bottle deposit, but in this case, its a car part deposit that encourages you to recycle! So when you swap the new part for the old, you return the core and it goes back to the part manufacturer for rebuilding and recycling.

What are the pros and cons of rebuilt vs. new auto parts?

Rebuilt Vs. New Auto Parts

Instead of relying on expensive brand-new auto parts, you can save money by purchasing quality rebuilt parts for your vehicle. Rebuilt parts are simply cores that have been returned to manufacturers and rebuilt to brand-new specs. Essential components are replaced and refurbished high-quality standards that are on par with brand-new parts. Recycling and rebuilding parts allows manufacturers to maintain a low overhead while providing buyers with the parts they need.

For anyone wary of buying rebuilt parts, most come with a solid warranty ranging from one year to the life of the part itself. That means you can purchase your part without worrying about losing money on the deal in case things don’t work out. However, these parts are simply built to last for a long time. Buying rebuilt auto parts instead of brand-new can help you save money on your next auto repair.

Where can I get auto parts?

Auto Part Shopping Options

If you don't have the patience to shop online - or if you need something in an emergency, there is nothing wrong with hitting your local retailer. In most cases the parts they offer will have a lifetime warranty and even if they don't have the part you need they will either know where to get it or how to order it. You should look at various local shops and price compare and there is nothing wrong with educating yourself on the various brands out there that serve your make and model car.

Can I get cheap after market parts for my car restoration?

Aftermarket Cat Parts

If you have the money or if you are doing a real restoration job, don't skimp on your car parts. Even if it takes you longer to allocate the money for your car parts, it will be worth it in the long run. Not only are parts with the lifetime warranty worth it, in the case of body parts like fenders, doors or anything made with sheet metal, you definitely want to get the better made custom or correct part rather than one that may be cheaper and needs to be retrofit. Additionally, check out the history of the car you are restoring or fixing, and try to match the color scheme and the original parts that were used when the car was created. Most of all, keep in mind that whatever you choose, you want to look at and enjoy into the future.

How can I find hard to find auto parts?

Find Car Parts Online

Tired of hunting store after store for the right part?

You can waste days hunting scrap yards and part stores, and even then, you may not find what you need. With the internet as pervasive as it is, more part suppliers, retailers, and collectors are selling their wares online.

Some of the more advanced online shops allow you to search by application, make and model, or manufacturer for auto parts and discount car parts. Fill your virtual cart up with everything from air filters to complete engines, and never leave your garage.

I don`t know if this is the right place but, I have a gas spill in the trunk of my car. Any info on cleaning this would be greatly appreciated!

Ridding Gas Smell From Your Vehicle

Anytime you have a gas spill inside your vehicle, its dangerous. And the only way to remove the fumes or smell is to remove the carpet, clean it and let it air out. All carpet in any vehicle can be removed, and is not that difficult.

The trunk carpet being the easiest. Remove the carpet from the trunk and hang it in an area that you do not mind getting wet, but where you can still reach it. Soak the carpet completely starting at the top and moving down as to rinse the carpet. You can use just about any cleaner you wish as long it does not contain not bleach or ammonia. Generously spray the cleaner onto the carpet. With a soft bristle carpet brush, lightly scrub the entire carpet, especially the effected area. Now rinse thoroughly. Let the carpet drip dry and air out for an entire day. Now you can spray any type of fragrance onto the carpet if you desire, re-install the carpet and you're done.

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