Rebuilt Vs. New Auto Parts

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What are the pros and cons of rebuilt vs. new auto parts?

Rebuilt Vs. New Auto Parts

Instead of relying on expensive brand-new auto parts, you can save money by purchasing quality rebuilt parts for your vehicle. Rebuilt parts are simply cores that have been returned to manufacturers and rebuilt to brand-new specs. Essential components are replaced and refurbished high-quality standards that are on par with brand-new parts. Recycling and rebuilding parts allows manufacturers to maintain a low overhead while providing buyers with the parts they need.

For anyone wary of buying rebuilt parts, most come with a solid warranty ranging from one year to the life of the part itself. That means you can purchase your part without worrying about losing money on the deal in case things don’t work out. However, these parts are simply built to last for a long time. Buying rebuilt auto parts instead of brand-new can help you save money on your next auto repair.



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