Vent Visor Removal

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hi, my nane is mark, I was wondering if you could help me. Well, how do you remove vent visor?

Vent Visor Removal

Double sided tape is what holds the Vent Visor onto the vehicle. Normally this is very easy to remove. Removing the Vent Visor in the heat helps, or adding heat will help. You can use a heat gun or a hair dryer, but make sure you keep either one about 8 inches to 12 inches away from the Vent Visor. When you're ready to remove the Vent Visor, pull it slowly away from the paint and/or molding. There might be some of the double sided tape left. To remove it, simply rug it with your finger, (not fingernail) or you can also use a solvent, such as alcohol, diluted paint thinner or mineral spirits. Do not rub hard or vigorously. Rubbing the effected area gently will remove what tape is left. If the Vent Visor is inside the window track, just pull the Vent Visor out of the track, the double sided tape will come with it and will not hold to the inside of the track. Anytime you use a solvent based cleaner on paint or a rubber surface, always clean with soap and water afterwards and apply a coat of wax to the painted area effected. For the rubber molding, simply wipe the effected area with a very small amount of Armor All or some type of dressing, this will keep it from drying out.



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