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Why kind of floor mats should I use for a heavy duty work truck?

Save Your Interior! Use Husky Floor Mats

If you own a work vehicle, and it sees regular duty in all types of weather and conditions the best thing you can do to save your interior is invest in some high quality floor mats.

Heavy duty ones such as Husky Liners have beefy ridges built into their structure to scrape boot soles clean, and deep grooves to catch all the debris. Husky floor mats are even guaranteed not to crack or break! They also make vacuum clean out far easier so not only will you protect your truck, you will also end up saving a lot of time!

Why are rubber floor liners more effective than carpet?

What Would Jake And Elwood Do?

The Blues Brothers had one sweet ride - a 1974 Dodge Monaco with a 440 cop motor; it's got cop tires, cop suspension, and if you looked inside, you'd see the police issue rubber floor mat instead of a rug. Floor liners make for easy cleanup, no matter the mission. If you want to keep your cargo area looking new, invest in a high quality floor liner. If you live in the north rubber floor mats are a very good idea. You need to isolate corrosive salt and water from your floors and truck bed, so do yourself a favor, invest in heavy duty rubber floor liners!

Why do I need heavy duty car floor mats?

Protecting Your Car's Value

Do you lease your car or truck? Are you one of those people that like to trade in every few years? Here's a good tip to maintain the value of your car. Buy those factory floor mats and then put them in the trunk! Buy some husky floor mats - the heavy duty ones that can take the brunt of wear and tear while you own your vehicle. Between regular maintenance, keeping your interior in good repair, and protecting your floor's rug with heavy duty car floor mat, like a weathertech floor mat, your trade in value will be much higher, and if you lease - well maybe you'll offset some of those sneaky charges they always try to stick you with!

Why are truck bed liners important?

Protect Your Truck Bed!

The second you haul your first load of field stones, or stack of plywood your truck bed will start its rough life picking up scratches and dents from doing its job. When it comes time to sell your truck, you'll get a better price if you've protected your bed with a truck liner. Some bed liners are even brushed on, adding a permanent 'hard candy shell' which will repel water, chemicals, and even dog slobber.

You also need to protect your truck from the rain water and from puddles of liquid which can develop into pockets of rust. Just as you invest in something like Husky floor liners for your cab, invest in a bed liner and protect your investment.

How can I protect the interior of my SUV from wear and tear?

Custom Floor Liners

If you have an SUV and you like to use it, a custom fit aftermarket floor liner may be a wise move. If you have dogs or you frequently haul around bikes, athletic equipment and the like, you are probably staining and straining your SUV or light truck interior. You can order specialized heavy duty floor liners that can protect your interior and keep the new car look you love. This will also end up retaining your car's value and boosting your trade in dollars so the up front investment will certainly be worth it in the long run. This east clean solution will also act as a time saver when its time to head to the car wash. So if you really use your vehicle, protect it with some customized solutions you may not have considered - you'll be glad you did!

how can i customize my interior without spending alot of money

Customizing Floor Mats

Now, more than ever, people are customizing their vehicles and interior customization is increasingly prevalent.

Logo floor mats are becoming popular in many cars. You can add any design imaginable to floor mats, as well as any color. There are computuft designs, which uses computerized tufting and scrapes and is made of rough rubber. Consider putting your school logo, company logo or team logo imprinted or inlayed into the fabric or rubber.

Although these floor mats are fun and personalized, they can cost you a bit more than an average car floor mat.

how do i clean gum from my floor mats

Cleaning Gum From Carpeted Floor Mats

Anyone with children knows how hard it is to keep car floor mats clean and when chewing gum can be one of the most difficult things to remove from carpet. You will need a solvent, such as paint thinner, rubber gloves, a small cloth or rag, eye protection and a pair of tweezers (for the small stuff your fingers can't get to). .

Leave all the vehicles doors open to create a safer working environment. For rubber floor mats, you can pick away the largest part of the chewing gum, wet a cloth with the solvent and rub lightly until gone.

For carpeted floor mats, start the same way: pick away the largest parts of the gum, wet a cloth with the solvent. It may look like the gum residue is spreading, but keep rubbing and soon you the bulk of the chewing gum will be gone. If there is any left, use tweezers to remove it. You will see small amounts of carpet fibers being removed with the gum, but not enough to cause any damage. Finally, dry the floor mat.

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