Ridding Gas Smell From Your Vehicle

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I don`t know if this is the right place but, I have a gas spill in the trunk of my car. Any info on cleaning this would be greatly appreciated!

Ridding Gas Smell From Your Vehicle

Anytime you have a gas spill inside your vehicle, its dangerous. And the only way to remove the fumes or smell is to remove the carpet, clean it and let it air out. All carpet in any vehicle can be removed, and is not that difficult.

The trunk carpet being the easiest. Remove the carpet from the trunk and hang it in an area that you do not mind getting wet, but where you can still reach it. Soak the carpet completely starting at the top and moving down as to rinse the carpet. You can use just about any cleaner you wish as long it does not contain not bleach or ammonia. Generously spray the cleaner onto the carpet. With a soft bristle carpet brush, lightly scrub the entire carpet, especially the effected area. Now rinse thoroughly. Let the carpet drip dry and air out for an entire day. Now you can spray any type of fragrance onto the carpet if you desire, re-install the carpet and you're done.



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