Cold Air Intake

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what is the truth about cold air intakes

Cold Air Intake

Confused about cold air intake systems? Here are some facts:

Cold air intakes do not produce a definite amount of horsepower and not 50 more horsepower. The horsepower gained is typically between 3 and 10, but sometimes less.

Cold air intakes are designed to pull in cooler air, outside of the engine bay, because the air inside the engine bay is much warmer.

There are rumors that a cold air intake system will void your warranty. It's unlikely, but always read up and research the cold air intake system before you make your purchase. Every cold air intake system will print the instructions and warranty violations on the box.

Although you can get a handsome cold air intake system, remember that it's meant for performance. Most manufacturers will say their cold air intakes give a certain amount of horsepower and helps with torque. This usually means with other modifications, or on engines built for speed, you can get the top amount of horsepower. You may also have to make modifications when installing a cold air intake.



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