Ground Clearance and Handling

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what other modifications do make when putting a lift kit on my 4x4

Ground Clearance and Handling

One of the most common suspension upgrades are left coil springs lift kits and/or coil spring spacers, typically accompanied with upgraded shock absorbers and/or upgraded shackles. Also, add in the tires and wheels that have been swapped for a much larger size, and you will find yourself riding high. But riding high can cause handling problems, so make sure you make the proper mods there, as well.

Sometimes traction control can hinder the vehicles ability to handle, and when your riding in a vehicle that has been lifted or raised the traction is diminished, especially without some type of upgraded traction control. There are many ways to upgrade a 4x4 vehicle's suspension and lift, just make sure your vehicle is fully able to take those extreme off road conditions before making the trek to the nearest mountain or mud pit.



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