Keep Your Catalytic Converter Performing

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when is the best time to have my catalytic converter checked

Keep Your Catalytic Converter Performing

To help keep your catalytic converter performing right, always remember to take steps to aid the performance.

Use only the grade fuel specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If the vehicle manufacturer suggests you use an 90 octane fuel, use the 91 octane. Even though it may be a bit more expensive than 87 octane, your vehicle will perform better and give off less deadly gases. Before using an additive, like fuel additives, transmission additives or engine additives, ask your vehicle dealership for advice. Some additives will harm your oxygen sensors and may cause your vehicles catalytic converter not to function normally.

Reduce idle time and warmup. Have your vehicles catalytic converter checked for damage and wear at every oil change. Replace the converter only when necessary. Always attend emissions testing when scheduled.

These are just a few ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly and your catalytic converter in good shape.



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