Clutch Maintenance

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how do i help keep my clutch performing well

Clutch Maintenance

Some people find their clutches wear out often. Sometimes this means it's a poorly-constructed clutch system, a cheaply made clutch system or a maintenance problem. As with any fluid-operating system, your clutch fluids should be checked and topped off every time you change your oil. What some folks may call clutch fluid is actually the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder. Both of these parts help to distribute the fluid as needed. If one fails to operate or is in a poor working condition, you may experience slippage, a sluggish clutch pedal, a weak clutch pedal or a complete clutch failure. Clutch fluid is very cheap and can be purchased at any auto parts store and it is very easy to fill your clutch master cylinder reservoir.

If you're having your oil changed at one of the quick oil change places, always ask them to check your clutch fluid. A little maintenance will help keep your clutch in good working order and possibly save you a lot of money down the road.



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