Turbocharged vs. Supercharged

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What is the difference between supercharged and turbocharged?

Turbocharged vs. Supercharged

So you want some extra power and you're not sure whether to go with a turbocharger or a supercharger? The key difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger is from where they get their power. In a supercharger, there is a belt that connects to the engine that supplies power to the air compressor. A turbocharger, gets its power from the exhaust. The exhaust fumes run into a turbine, which spins the compressor, giving it power. A turbocharger is thought to be more efficient because it uses the energy from the exhaust for its power source. On the downside, a turbocharger causes some amount of back pressure in the exhaust system and tends to provide less boost until the engine is moving fast. Superchargers are typically easier to install but they tend to be more expensive. If you go with a turbocharger, you should really consider upgrading your exhaust system to something like a Gibson exhaust at the same time. You don't want a less than optimal amount of energy feeding the power of the air compressor.



10/7/2006 10:49:22 AM
AJ said:

Thanks... I had no idea what the difference bettween turbosharged and supersharged were... now I do


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