A Guide to Buying Car Covers

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What should I know before I buy a car cover?

A Guide to Buying Car Covers

The best car cover manufacturers have a broad range of materials and car covers that will meet your individual needs. You need to consider several factors ahead of time because otherwise when you are ready to order, for example, covercraft car covers, you will be lost!

1. Is the car going to reside indoors or outdoors?
2. What kind of weather do you need to protect against: sun, snow, rain?
3. Do you need dent protection?
4. Is your climate extremely windy (for putting the cover on and making sure it stays in place)?
5. Do you need storage space in the car cover?
6. Does it need to resist mildew or rot?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you will be able to make an informed decision. Most companies will rate their car covers according to their strengths.



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