Protect Your Wheels From Brake Dust

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How do I protect my wheels from brake dust?

Protect Your Wheels From Brake Dust

When you spend as much money for your wheels as some people spend on a whole car, you want them to look their best. Invest a little money in a good set of brake dust shields. These work wonders for any open spoke rim, and especially well on wire rims.

As you drive your car around hitting the brakes, some of that brake pad material is deposited on the wheels. This residue does a great job of attracting water, and other debris which can cause those fatty rims to rust or corrode.

Try an experiment: Put one brake dust shield on one front wheel, and not on the other front wheel. Drive your car for a week or two and see how much dust and crud the unprotected wheel accumulates. You'll see the benefit right away.



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