Brake Fluid

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What is the deal with brake fluid?

Brake Fluid

Brakes of today are hydraulic, a far more efficient system than the mechanical brakes of yesteryear. This brings us to an important aspect of your brake system, namely, brake fluid.

The brake fluid is held in the master cylinder and you need to maintain a certain level of fluid to ensure that your brakes are working properly. Most cars have effective and sensitive brake fluid light indicators, so if your car is suffering a loss, it will let you know. If you have an older car, or a classic, you may notice that your brakes are becoming less sensitive or that you have to press down very hard to stop the car. Check your fluid and top it off.

An important car brake tip: the type of brake fluid you use *does* matter so before changing your fluid, or adding any to your reservior, check to make sure you have correct fluid. If you put the wrong kind in you may have to have the whole system bled which is a big time and money waster.



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