Lower Your Car The Right Way

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How can I lower my car without spending a ton of money?

Lower Your Car The Right Way

So you want to lower your car, but can't afford a $4000 hydraulic or air system. What to do?

Don't think you can just lob off a few spring coils to drop your ride. Not only will you throw off the steering and suspension geomotry enough to damage parts, but the car's ride will be destroyed.

Play it smart and buy a purpose-built kit. Depending on how low you want to go, you may need to purchase special lowering springs, short travel shocks, or modified spindles to correct steering geometry. You can get at most two to three inches off your ride height before handing and tire wear are affected.



11/2/2006 2:00:25 AM
Quentin Robinson said:

i have a 2002 Galant and im going to put 18's ridin on 40 flats how far should/could i lower my ride before i effect anything. What rout would you take for this


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