The Telltale Signs of Failing Brake Pads

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How can I tell if I need to swap out my brake pads?

The Telltale Signs of Failing Brake Pads

So we all hate going to the mechanic - we don't want to hear the bad news, but with brakes and automotive brake pads, you really can't skimp on the service. Here is how you tell if your brake pads are starting to fail. Wear indicators begin with a high pitched sqealing sound. This is really when you should go in for a check of the brake pads, or consider changing them out yourself.

After the squealing comes the grinding, and we all know that grinding sounds are not a harbinger of good times. The grinding may be damaging your rotors because your brake pads are on their last thin threads. If you ignore this for much longer, your wheels may lock up and ultimately fall off because of the damage you are causing. Take our advice, when the sqealing begins, hop online for your brake pads, or call your mechanic and don't wait or the costs will mount!



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