What To Do If Your Alternator is Failing

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How do I tell if my alternator is failing and what do I do about it?

What To Do If Your Alternator is Failing

Is your car having the following symptoms?
• Dim lights
• Hard starting
• Dead batteries

This may mean your alternator is on its way out! Here is how to troubleshoot:
1. Grab a simple multimeter, digital or otherwise
2. Check for loose connections to and from the battery, to an from the alternator etc.
3. Once you have established that the connections are secure, measure the battery voltage with your multimeter when the car is on and off (maintain all safety precautions).
4. Measure the voltage from the output of the alternator.

Chances are you are going to see a problem with the battery or with the alternator because issues with your electrical systems usually come from one of four things:
• Battery
• Alternator
• Short Circuit
• Bad Voltage Regulator (in the classics)



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