Intake Manifolds; Is There A Difference?

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How can I choose the right intake manifold?

Intake Manifolds; Is There A Difference?

If you're looking to squeeze the last bit of performance from your car, do not overlook swapping out your intake manifold. Most aftermarket intake manifolds are designed to work in concert with other engine upgrades, such as carburetor and fuel injection upgrades, free flowing exhaust systems, and even final gear ratio changes.

Don't think you can just slap on a drag race intake manifold, and be running 10's at the track. Figure out what you want your car to do, and go from there. Do you want high revving horsepower, or gut wrenching off-the-line torque? One intake manifold cannot truly excel at both. Although most anything is better than a stock intake, don't make an uneducated purchase, or you could turn your car into a real dog.



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