Exhaust Systems: Not Just a New Muffler

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Can I just replace the muffler or do I need to replace my whole exhaust system?

Exhaust Systems: Not Just a New Muffler

Don't think you can just throw a big muffler on your car and start blowing the doors off other cars. To get the most out of your engine, look at the exhaust as a system, from exhaust port to tailpipe.

Keep in mind; some exhaust modifications are illegal on newer cars, so let's just say you have a 69 Charger. Replace your factory cast iron exhaust manifolds with a good pair of higher flowing headers. The exhaust pipes going back to the mufflers should be as straight as possible, to aid airflow. If you're running more than 500 horsepower, don't go with anything smaller than 3 inch pipe. Finish it off with muffler of choice, and nice chrome tips. THAT'S an exhaust system.



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