Auto Parts Frequently Asked Questions

What does an air filter do and why should it be changed?

What is an alternator?

What are brake pads made of?

What is the difference between a washable air filter and a disposable air filter?

Can I just replace the muffler or do I need to replace my whole exhaust system?

What is the benefit of a borla exhaust system?

Do I need specific brake pads for racing?

What is the difference between drum brakes and disc brakes?

What are the symptoms of a dirty air filter?

Why should I replace my air filter?

Can I custom fit my spark plug wires?

Can I swap out my catalytic converter?

Why kind of floor mats should I use for a heavy duty work truck?

How can I choose the right intake manifold?

What is a voltage regulator and how does it relate to my alternator?

How important is a good exhaust system?

How do I tell if my alternator is failing and what do I do about it?

How can I maintain my exhaust system?

Can I upgrade my alternator?

Why do some cars not have catalytic converters?

What is the benefit of an OEM intake manifold?

What does a radiator do?

How can I tell if I need to swap out my brake pads?

How do I replace my own air filter?

What are the pros and cons of a rebuilt alternator?

How can I lower my car without spending a ton of money?

When should I swap out spark plug wires?

Why are rubber floor liners more effective than carpet?

What do I need in an intake manifold?

Why are truck bed liners important?

How can I lower my car without using hydrolics?

What are the benefits of a standard transmission?

How do I know which intake manifold to choose?

What are the benefits of choosing eibach springs?

What can a new air intake system provide in terms of performance?

How can I make my car as loud as possible?

How do I choose the right brake system?

What is a brake rotor?

What is the deal with brake fluid?

How do I choose the right clutch?

What is a good high end brake system?

What does my oxygen sensor do and why do I need to change it out?

What kind of clutch should I use if I need to replace it?

What are anti lock brakes?

If I upgrade my wheels, do I have to upgrade my brakes?

How can I find hard to find auto parts?

What are cross drilled rotors and slotted rotors?

How do I protect my wheels from brake dust?

What are air springs?

How do you know when your brake rotors are warped?

Can I use a cheap tarp as a car cover?

What are coil springs?

When do I need to replace my car springs?

Where can I get auto parts?

Can I get cheap after market parts for my car restoration?

What is a car pocket?

What are leaf springs?

What is a core charge?

What are the pros and cons of rebuilt vs. new auto parts?

Can I replace my car springs at home?

What is the difference between a car cover and a front end mask?

What should I know before I buy a car cover?

What is a torsion bar?

What are the benefits of a custom fit car cover?

What is the difference between a stock catalytic converter and a high flow cat?

Does changing out spark plug wires require a specific tool?

How do I season my brake rotors?

What does an oxygen sensor do?

What is the difference between supercharged and turbocharged?

What is the difference between shocks and struts?

What kind of shocks are best in an off road suspension?

Why do I need heavy duty car floor mats?

Can I use any products to keep brake dust off my wheels?

Why do alloy wheels and brake dust shields go hand in hand?

How can I protect the interior of my SUV from wear and tear?

Will I need to customize my brake dust shields after I buy them?

How can I set my car suspension up for racing and street?

Which company is the industry leader in shock absorbers?

What are Bilstein shocks best for?

hi, my nane is mark, I was wondering if you could help me. Well, how do you remove vent visor?

I don`t know if this is the right place but, I have a gas spill in the trunk of my car. Any info on cleaning this would be greatly appreciated!

how do i change my alternator

what are the main components of an alternator

how can i tell if my alternator is going bad

can i rebuild my alternator?

how do i find a good racing clutch

how do i help keep my clutch performing well

where can i find an extremely well made clutch system?

how do i makle sure im getting the clutch i asked for when placing my order

how can i be sure that upgrading my clutch is ok

when should i replace my clutch

how do i find a good transmission shop

what are the reasons for replacing a ctalytic converter

can i remove my catalytic converter

what does a catalytic converter do

what are catalytic converters made from

what causes catalytic converters to fail

how does a small car help with pollution

when is the best time to have my catalytic converter checked

what are some reasons for wear on my shocks

where can i find the best shocks and struts for my vehicle

what is the most common name in shocks

do i need shocks or struts on my vehicle

when do i replace my shocks

where can i find the best shocks

what will happen if i ignore my worn shocks

what does a oxygen sensor do

how do i change my oxygen sensor

where are O2 sensors located

when dom i replace my O2 sensor

what are the chances of my O2 sensor going bad

do i include my oxygen sensor in a scheduled maintenance

where can i buy the best coil springs available

how do i improve my offroad comfort

what other modifications do make when putting a lift kit on my 4x4

can i gain better handling by just lowering my vehicle

which floormats are better for the money

how do i choose the right floor mat?

how do i keep my floor mats looking good

how can i protect my carpet

how do i clean gum from my floor mats

how can i customize my interior without spending alot of money

how do i customize my vehicle with little money

can window tint be removed anytime

what tonneau cover gives the best warranty

how do i protect my vehicle, above the normal was and wax

what are some symptoms of failing brakes

Wher ecan i find brakes tailored for my vehicle

what do i look for in a brake inspection

where can i find top of the line brakes at a good price

can i combine aftermarket brake parts

where can i find the best rotors made

who makes the best brake pads

should i buy discounted car parts

how do i find information about a vehicle im wanting to buy

what is the truth about cold air intakes

where does the cooling system of an automotive engine start

who makes the best cold air intake

how often should i have my radiator inspected and what do i look for

where can i find the best exhaust available

which exhaust is the most popular

what precautions should i take when installing an aftermarket exhaust system

what is the best exhaust to put on my motor home or 4x4

where can i find a reusable air filter

what are the best ignition parts available

what does a harmonic balancer do

how doi i change the oil filter and what oil filter wrench should i use

whats the best way to find used auto parts

how do i find good used foriegn auto parts

where can i find used auto parts

How do I replace an alternator?

How do rebuilt auto parts compare with new parts?

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