Radiator Inspections

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how often should i have my radiator inspected and what do i look for

Radiator Inspections

While we all know to have regular oil changes, a check on our car's radiator is rarely performed.

If you plan on conducting a radiator inspection, do this:

-When looking at your radiator, look at every visible part, even the inside, where the radiator cap is located.

-Look for corrosion around the cap, around the fittings and around the hoses. If there is corrosion, this may be a good indication of a small or moderate leak.

-Look for leaks: if any coolant is on the ground around the vehicle or on any surface of your vehicle, including the undercarriage, seek professional advice immediately.

-Check for discoloration in the coolant; it may look like rust. An oily film in the radiator coolant is a sure sign of a major problem.

Most mechanics or technicians will not perform a radiator check-up unless you request one.



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