Performing Your Own Brake Inspection

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what do i look for in a brake inspection

Performing Your Own Brake Inspection

Although most people don't perform their own brake inspection, for those who do, you should know there is more to look at other than just the brakes.

After removing your wheel or wheels, look at the brake pads. Just about all brake pads that need to be changed have about 1/2 inch or less of material left on them. Look at the hardware, like dust shields, brake clips, bolts screws and the rotor. Make sure there is no damage, loose parts or excessive wear.

Look at your brake lines: if there are any leaks in the lines, repair them immediately or have it repaired by a professional. Look to see if your brake lines are loose or dented. Check your brake master cylinder for leaks, damage or wear.

Brake inspections are typically free by a professional brake shop. But if you decide to replace your own brakes, consider Brembo brakes. This company has sports brakes for cars, as well as high performance brakes. Brembo brakes are great if you want to replace your old brakes and upgrade them for something better.



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