Aftermarket Floor Mats and Factory Floormats

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which floormats are better for the money

Aftermarket Floor Mats and Factory Floormats

Factory floor mats can be expensive because they usually come with the vehicle manufacturer's name or logo on them. However, these floor mats are not always durable. For instance, for a 2005 Honda Accord, the price for front and rear factory floor mats is more than $100. For a 2000 Dodge Neon, the same mats are approximately $75.

Other times, the higher priced floor mats can be worth the price. You can always have the factory logo imprinted in an aftermarket floor mat, but the price will remain about the same. If you're looking for a good aftermarket floor mat that looks good and is designed to keep dirt and grime off your carpet, look for ones with deep channels to pull water, dirt, road salt and sand away from your carpet. These floor mats are normally made from pliable rubber and last a very long time.

Though there are many manufacturers of floor mats, such as Weathertech, and it's best to find ones that fit your vehicles floorboards. Some floor mats will roll up or gather, which is unsafe because your feet may become tangled in the mat when braking or accelerating. One brand to consider is a Weathertech floor mat. This manufacturer has a wide variety of floor mats that are durable and likely to last.



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