Lowering a Vehicle for Traction and Handling

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can i gain better handling by just lowering my vehicle

Lowering a Vehicle for Traction and Handling

A lot of people believe their vehicle will automatically handle better after being lowered, but this isn't always true, especially in vehicles that don't have a performance handling package.

A lot of vehicles come with these packages, but the average car, truck or SUV does not. Taking an everyday driver and making modifications to the suspension can improve your handling, but sometimes other modifications need to be made in order for those new suspension parts to effectively perform as suggested by a manufacturer. Will the vendor selling you the modification parts tell you what needs to be done in order to gain maximum performance from a aftermarket performance package? Probably not! These people are there to make a sale, even though some will tell you about the added performance your vehicle will gain when purchasing the part, most will not tell you the pitfalls of installing a suspension part, without the proper mods made first.

Lowering coil springs is one way to lower your car, spring compressors are another way. When replacing your coil springs make sure the vehicle will respond correctly to a suspension upgrade. You may find your vehicles ability to handle has been depleted a bit. Adding the correct modifications, such as performance shocks and/or struts, can help with the stability and traction. Adding performance brakes, rotors, coil over springs, leaf springs and other suspension parts will most definitely improve your vehicles performance when it comes to handling. Weight distribution plays a huge role in your vehicles handling and traction.



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