Off Road Suspension and Ride

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how do i improve my offroad comfort

Off Road Suspension and Ride

Off roading can be an uncomfortable ride and finding ways to make the ride more pleasant on and off the road can be tricky at times. If your truck or SUV has a coil spring lift kit or uses an air ride system, adding the extra suspension will increase the ride tremendously. But, not everyone understands the importance of your vehicle's suspension when traveling off road, especially those who only go off road on an occasion.

When off roading, know your vehicle's capabilities, as well as its weaknesses. You may have more horsepower, but without the suspension needed for extreme terrain, you may find your self stuck, literally. Having a great suspension with very little horsepower may result in the same, but horsepower isn't always needed, especially when taking it slow over rocks, in the mud or climbing a hill. Even though horsepower is a plus when off roading, your suspension is what counts.



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