Replacing Your Oxygen Sensor

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how do i change my oxygen sensor

Replacing Your Oxygen Sensor

Before you start any work or repairs on an exhaust system, be sure that exhaust has cooled, and have all your tools on hand. You will need a wrench that is either made for oxygen sensor removal or a wrench that fits the oxygen sensor, and needle nose pliers. Depending on your vehicle's make and model, there could be as many as four oxygen sensors. Getting to an oxygen sensor can be difficult so before you start, make sure you can access each one.

  1. Start by removing the wire or wires connected to the oxygen sensor. Typically for an unheated sensor you will have no more than two wires; for a heated sensor there should be three.
  2. If you cannot reach these wires, use the long needle nose pliers but be careful not to cut the wires or pull them out of place. Remember that oxygen sensors have been installed for quite sometime so it's important to be meticulous when replacing them.
  3. With your wrench in hand, loosen the oxygen sensor.
  4. Once you have the sensor loosened, remove the sensor and replace it with the new one.
  5. Plug the wire or wires back into the exhaust, and repeat these steps for other oxygen sensors if more than one.



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