Don't Pay The Price Of Neglect

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what will happen if i ignore my worn shocks

Don't Pay The Price Of Neglect

Imagine your brakes are brand new, and installed perfectly with no flaws, but your shocks or struts are worn, and are failing. Does this affect your ability to brake? Yes! Even though your brakes are brand new and your vehicle is stopping quite well, factor in road bumps, pot holes, roads that are uneven or on inclines, or road debris (such as shredded tires) and you've got a bad shock problem. Add all the possible road conditions out there, along with worn out shocks or struts, and add some bad weather and you've got the makings for a disaster. Worn shocks and struts can also add wear to tires faster, decreasing your vehicle's ability to perform. When worn tires are now added to the worn out shocks and struts, you increase your chances of a mishap, not to mention you also decrease, even more, your vehicle's braking, steering, handling performance. All these will happen in the case of worn out shocks and struts.



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