Small Cars and Emissions

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how does a small car help with pollution

Small Cars and Emissions

The demand for smaller vehicles is now greater than ever. One main reason is gas prices, but another is fewer deadly gases are emitted from smaller vehicles.

Although it's true that all vehicles emit some of the most dangerous gases, smaller vehicles burn fuel more efficiently and with less emissions. BMW is known for going above and beyond in the automotive industry and it's no surprise that the makers and engineers of this vehicle are vigilant about their exhaust systems. BMW leads the automotive industry in the fight against air pollution caused by the gases emitted by automobiles. By using the Bosch oxygen sensor, BMW is lowering the hydrocarbons that escape through the exhaust. Although nearly all oxygen sensors (O2 sensors) are made from zirconium ceramics and platinum, the Bosch oxygen sensors are designed to perform better and last longer.



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