Replacing or Removing a Catalytic Converter

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can i remove my catalytic converter

Replacing or Removing a Catalytic Converter

Always know the federal and state laws that govern the removal or replacement of a catalytic converter on any vehicle, no matter what you may use the vehicle for. A lot of people will replace the converter with straight pipe or after-market exhaust pipe. According to federal law, catalytic converters may not be removed and replaced with "converter replacement pipes" by any person. The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments even prohibit private individuals from installing "converter replacement pipes" on their own vehicles. Anyone who installs such pipes would violate the Clean Air Act. Some may think it's okay to remove a converter if they are offroading, but the law still provides you with the guidelines to follow. All manufacturers certify each engine and chassis configuration meet emission standards and cannot be de-certified by anyone for offroad use.

When replacing your converter, always use a reputable muffler or exhaust shop or a dealership to make the proper repairs or replacements. These shop owners and dealership owners will not take a chance of being shut down just to make a quick dollar.



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