When To Replace Your Clutch

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when should i replace my clutch

When To Replace Your Clutch

It's not always easy to know when to replace your clutch and don't assume it should just be replaced at a certain mileage point.

A lot of automotive clutches will last longer, depending on the maintenance, the driver and vehicle usage. Some vehicles will experience earlier than usual clutch failure, but it's not uncommon for a clutch to last more than 100,000 miles. Depending on the driver's habits and the terrain driven, some clutches will fail, but have nothing to do with bad driving habits. Others are due to wear and tear and abuse. Whenever you think you have a clutch problem, look for:

-The vehicle doesn't move when the clutch is released
-Noises, such as chatters, shudders or grinding

Another reason for clutch failure is poor quality installation or even a defect in the manufacturers clutch parts. All these symptoms can and will help you identify the clutch problem or source. Always make sure that the transmission is in good shape because this may be another cause of clutch failure.



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