ACT clutch kits

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how do i find a good racing clutch

ACT clutch kits

A performance clutch in a performance vehicle will not create more horsepower directly. A performance clutch and its accessories -- like flywheels, pressure plates and bearings -- will give you a quicker release from the starting point. You will find yourself moving smoother through the gears giving you the feel of more horsepower.

If you're a racer , you may find yourself moving faster even though there is no more horsepower. Changing the way any vehicle shifts through gears, whether it's an automatic or a manual transmission, will always effect your vehicles reaction time, depending on the clutch and the vehicle. Some will use directional clutches, bi-directional or dual clutch discs. No matter what the application, when installing a clutch designed for racing or high speeds, you will want to look for more holding power, stronger friction material and reliability. When looking for a clutch that can handle the torque, horsepower and hard shifting, always look to ACT clutches for your needs. ACT clutch kits are designed to stand up to heat and give a quicker shift. Race ready, these clutches can help you with from start to finish.



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