Alternator Testing Myths

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how can i tell if my alternator is going bad

Alternator Testing Myths

There have been many, many suggestions when it comes to testing an alternator for the appropriate voltage or amperage.

Magnet Tests: Supposedly, if the back of the alternator housing is magnetized or if the alternator is going backwards, then the alternator is going bad.

The Alternator Can Fix Itself: If an auto part could fix itself, there would never be any reason for a mechanic.

A lot of myths are floating around about auto parts and how they can be fixed or tested, but in reality auto parts go bad, malfunction or fail. Just about any auto parts store and most dealerships test alternators, starters or other auto parts and will usually test them for free. These tests are done by computerized machines that are more effective than any other method. These are very accurate tests, and should be used whenever possible.



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